Spare parts

Spare parts for all coach and bus brands

Brakes, body parts, handles and locks, seat parts. Bus model Mercedes: Travego, Tourismo, Intouro, Citaro, Conecto. Setra: Comfort Class 400 GTHD, Top Class 400 HD and HDH, 300 Class HD and HDH. Neoplan: Starliner N516, Tourliner. MAN Lion’s Coach, Lion’s City e S2000.

mercedes-dijelovisetra-dijeloviman dijeloviivec dijelovilogo neoplan


Original and aftermarket spare parts for air condition

Axial fans for condensers and radial fans or air conditioners for blowing cold air through the evaporator, compressor units, electromagnetic clutches, valves, air conditioners.

remenice kvačila klimeventilatori puhalice pumpekompresori bock bitzer danfosac fitinzi i ventili


Spare parts for interiour and seat parts

Newspaper nets, folding tables for seats, handrail, movable leg rests and arm rests, cup holders and ashtrays for installation on buses, trains, boats

dijelovi interijera autobusa


Original and aftermarket spare parts

Spare parts of specialized wholesale Euro Bus d.o.o. – For 15 years it offers a segment of car parts, interior parts and bus climates. The parts in our offer have changed in the event of a guaranteed failure within a year. Warranty for all parts of the year from the date of invoice.






Euro Bus
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Luca Caprioli
Luca Caprioli
Molto professionale e affidabile!!!
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Karlo Ormanec
sve preporuke brz odg na upit brza dostava svaka čast pozdrav podravina Express Tours👍👍
Ajdin Karupovic
Ajdin Karupovic
Sve same pohvale. Izuzetno ljubazni, na raspolaganju 24/7 sa svim savjetima i detaljima. Sve je bilo po dogovoru od plaćanja, naručivanja kao i isporuke koja je bila tačno kad je i dogovoreno iako su dijelovi dolazili iz Njemačke preko Rijeke pa nama u Bosnu. Sve preporuke. Pozdrav!
Atlantic Bus Taxy
Atlantic Bus Taxy
extra stranica... samo pohvale... 5.*****
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Turazza Paolo
molto professionale e puntuale 5 stelle
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Giovanni Antonucci
disponibili , bravi , professionali. 5 stelle
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Giorgio Di Gennaro
Massima serietà
Pasquale De Angelis
Pasquale De Angelis
persona molto seria affidabile e precisa 🔝🔝🔝


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