Air conditioning spare parts like Konvekta, Webasto, Thermoking for Mercedes, Setra, Neoplan, MAN, VDL. High quality replacement spare parts of proven functionality and long service life. Original parts Sutrak, Spal, Aurora, Denso, Bock and Bitzer.

VA03-BP70/LL37S, H11-001-280 Aksial fan for AC condenser Ø 305 mm 24 V

16-282024-00 – air flow blowing – OEM: Spal VA03-BP70/LL37S  price 47 euro
Mercedes A0038356401, Webasto 92333B, Konvekta H11-001-280,


16-281024-00 – air flow suction – OEM: Spal VA03-BP70/LL37A price 47 euro
Setra series 400 GTHD , Mercedes Tourismo

 VA01-BP70/LL36S, H11-001-215, Aksial fan for AC condenser Ø 315 mm 24 V

16-351024-00 – air flow blowing – OEM: Spal VA01-BP70/LL36S price 47 euro
Mercedes A0028304808 Konvekta H11-001-215 Webasto 68981C,

16-352024-00 – air flow suction – OEM: Spal VA01-BP70/LL36A price 47 euro
Konvekta H11-000-291, Thermoking 78-1294, Sutrak
Neoplan Cityliner,  Bova Futura, MAN, Mercedes

  009-B40-22, H11-001-287, Evaporator blower   L=335 mm 24 V
16-009402-00 -evaporator blower – OEM: Spal 009-B40-22  price 60 euro
Mercedes A0028306608 Konvekta H11-001-287, MAN 83.779306511,
Setra S 400 GTHD, MAN, Mercedes Tourismo, Travego
 41-2915 Evaporator&heater  blower  L=310 mm 24 V
16-290268-00 – evaporator blower – OEM: Spal 008-B45-02 price 40 euro
Thermo king 41-2915
Mercedes O530, O530G
 B11-AB1-286, H11-001-286, H11-AB0-214, BH1300 Evaporator blower or heater blower 24 V
16-290037-10 – blower – OEM: 81.779306034  price 43 euro
Konvekta B11-AB1-286, H11-001-286, H11-AB0-214, BH1300
Aurora DRG500, Sutrak,, MAN citybus
 H11-000-276, H11-001-220 Evaporator blower or heater blower L=351 mm 24 V
16-240118-20 – evaporator blower – OEM: 006-B40-22  price 52 euro
Konvekta:H11-000-276, H11-001-220, Spal 006-B39-22, 006-B46-22, 006-B50-22, Thermoking 1E05245G01
Neoplan, MAN, Bova Futura
08303182, TA0040001, 1000146165 Evaporator blower L=376 mm 24 V
16-290077-00 – evaporator blower – OEM: Aurora DRG1200 price 61.20 euro
Bluebird 08303182, TA0040001, Bergstrom 1000146165
Drivers front glass demister MAN
 DRB100, MCC:54-00584-00, 54-00584-02 ,54-00584-03, AC313, AC315, AC316 Evaporator blower L=376 mm 24 V
16-290074-00 – evaporator blower – OEM: Sutrak price 74.20 euro
Aurora DRB100, MCC:54-00584-00, 54-00584-02 ,54-00584-03, AC313, AC315, AC316Volvo, Van Hool blower
 AC310 Axial fan electric motor 24 V
16-290072-00 -direction L – OEM: Sutrak price 40 euro
Volvo, Van Hool axial fan motor
 88-83-04-00006-00, 88-50-01-00003-00 High pressure switch 240/340 PSI
09-101941-00 – high pressure switch – OEM: Sutrak price 11.30 euro
88-83-04-00006-00, 88-50-01-00003-00, Spheros:010-00018-000
ON 240 PSi, OFF 340 PSI
 88-83-04-00003-00,88-50-01-00001-00 Low pressure switch 25/5 PSI
09-101941-00 – low pressure switch – OEM: Sutrak price 11.30 euro
ON 25 PSi, OFF 5 PSI
 Bitzer: 37402302 Oil seal set for Bitzer Ac compressor
01-901058-00 oil seal set – OEM: Sutrak price 58,20 euro
Bitzer: 37402302
Bitzer compressor 4NFCY, 4PFCY, 4TFCY, 4UFCY
  H13-003-528, 68982A, Oil seal set for Bock FK40 Ac compressor
01-401003-00 oil seal set – OEM: Bock 80023 price 75,20 euro
Konvekta H13-003-528, Spheros 68982A , Sutrak, THERMO KING 20-0170
80118, H13-003-575 Shaft bearing for Bock FK40
01-401004-00 axle bearing – OEM: Bock 80118  price 45,30 euro
Konvekta H13-003-575, Sutrak
 01.021.8, LA16, AC clutch electromagnet Bock LA16
01-401387-00 clutch electromagnet – OEM: 01.021.8 price 90,30 euro
Linning LA16, Buscomfort:, Sutrak, Konvekta H13-002-501L
 EBO128 Bearing set for  AC electromagnetic clutch
01-401440-00 bearing set – OEM: EBO128 price 61,30 euro
Linning: EBO128, Set contains bearing, nut, washer and Zeger ring
 Aurora DRB80, Eberspacher: 201436 Originalni Eberspacher speed regulator for blower
811077 speed regulator – OEM: Sutrak 60,30 euro
Aurora DRB80, Eberspacher: 201436 Original  Sutrak motor with plastic fan blades 
018000015 – Sutrak motor – OEM: Sutrak – price on request Original single blower Sutrak with speed regulation
sibgle blower – OEM: Sutrak – price 142,81 euro 
DG550 – jednostruka puhalica s regulacijom, Neoplan Starliner
 U4856 Original Spheros Webasto water pump U4856
072 271 0194A  – water pump – OEM U4856 price 399 euro 
 U4855 Original Spheros Webasto water pump U4855
072 271 0185A  – water pump – OEM U4855 price 399 euro
 FKX40-560K, FKX40-470K Original compressor Bock FKX40

072 271 0185A  – ac compressor – OEM FKX40-655K price on request
072 271 0185A  – ac compressor – OEM FKX40-560K price on request
072 271 0185A  – ac compressor – OEM FKX40-470K price on request

 238300120 Temperature sensor King Long XMQ6900 Spheros AC
238300120 – temperature sensor AC – OEM: 238300120  17,20 euro
 H11-002-206 Original double blower Konvekta with speed regulation
H11-002-206 brush-less blower – OEM: H11-002-206 – price 165 euroKonvekta: H11-002-207, EBM: K3G097-BK34-51, Mercedes :A002830420
Brush-less blower for MAN Lion’s coach
H14-003-065 Original filter drier Konvekta for minibus AC
H14-003-065 filter drier – OEM: H14-003-065 – price on request
 filtermatte Filter for AC-  102 x 40 x 1 cm for bus air condition

022000123 – filter for AC – price 5 euro 



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