Location scout

Rijeka location scout and locations library

Ask for our  shooting locations library of Rijeka and islands region.  Rijeka –  plentifull of industrial, port and docks locations;  Opatija – residential, hotels and imperial villas; islands Krk, Cres with curvy  panoramic roads, white stone watersides and blue , blue sea.  Location scout is local job and in Rijeka we are at our home.  Whatever You interest might be, Rijeka Harbour and container terminal, oil refinery or closing the bridge to Krk – we can help do it! Our location agency operating in area of Rijeka, Istria and Gorski Kotar can provide information and photos of but not limited to farms, cottages, vineyards, villas, auditoriums, shopping malls, beaches and more. 

For access to Rijeka scout location library contact us by email or phone (+38598299637)

Location scout for Rijeka (industrial, urban, port, people), Istra (vineyards, villas, farms, antic city), Gorski Kotar (forest, nature park, wildlife, winter) ,Islands Krk and Cres (curvy roads, white stone coast banks, blue sea, beaches)


Grobnik race track shooting location

The most popular location for car and bike commercials around Rijeka is Grobnik race track. This 4 km real racing track is host to several international  superbike and race car tournaments every year, but also very affordable for commercial and film automotive shooting. Complete track  can be closed for   car photoshoting or filming purposes. 

Production and location  services

Euro Bus can do location scout but not only – we take care of transport and accommodation of your crew and clients. Our tourist agency manage complete accommodation,  because we know what you need: Low prices and confortable rooms or apartments with parking spaces for crew and equipment trucks.  4-5* Hotels for clients and VIP cars and minivans with professional  drivers.  All at shortest notice subject to changes.  Check! 

Trough our business partners and local contacts we can provide for production vans with double side doors, scene scaffolding, forklifters, up to 200 kW mobile generators , but also light and grip with crews, runners , security stuff and else.


Permits for shooting, drones and production incentive

Shooting permits, aerial shooting (drones), permanently and temporary closing roads and tunnels are possible to get with short to long notice.  Just let us know what do you need or plan to shoot and we’ll get accurate estimate of cost and time needed to get permits done.  

Road and city permits

For all roads, cities and public places in Croatia shooting permit is needed.  We can provide those permits for You in shortest possible lead time. Almost everything can be closed  for shooting including Krk bridge,  three lane tunnel under Rijeka except in high season time. Lead time 2 days -2 weeks.

Drones and aerial shooting permits

Aerial shooting made on private property for the owner needs doesn’t require permits. However for all public spaces, national parks, roads etc. aerial shooting permit is needed.  Aerial shooting permits are issued by Croatian state geodetic directorate. Lead time more than 2 weeks.

High speed internet 

At our premises we can provide high speed internet link  up to 500/250 Mbit for download or uploading.  

Production incentive  for international and local filmmakers

Since 2012. Croatian lawmaker introduced production incentive in form of 20% cash rebate. As a result filmmakers can get back 20% of production expenses. This rebate apply to short films, feature films, documentaries, TV drama and animation.  Rebate does not apply to commercials, soaps, reality TV and game shows. Read More about application criteria here



Honda Motor commercial shooting in Rijeka, Zagreb, Split, Bol, Rovinj, Pag, Pula – clients: Dentsu, Les enfants, RED produkcija Zagreb

Škoda Octavia press materials shooting in Grobnik, Krk and Krk roads – clients: Technika s.r.o. Film Friends.

For details about permits , locations and production services contact us trough contact form , skype: alanheigl or phone (+38598299637).