sinotrukSinotruk or China National Heavy Duty Truck Group is government owned manufacturer of trucks, busses and heavy machinery like dumpers, mining trucks and special vehicles. Sinotruk produces engines, gearboxes and axles for trucks, busses, generators and other installations.  Sinotruk has been founded in 1935 by Kuomintang government under name of Jinan Automobile works. They started with heavy truck production in 1956. Sinotruk has joint venture in Brazil, where is producing trucks from 2013. See manufacturer’s page in english here. More information about this chinese bus manufacturer can be found on wiki.

Our company Euro Bus ltd can supply any original part for Sinotruk body, chassis, interior parts or even components like engine, gearbox or retarder.  For more information about parts, components and new or used Sinotruk Howo please contact us on phone +38598299637, skype: alanheigl or trough contact form. Please send us chassis numbers, year of build and model name. Photos of needed parts are also welcome but not essential.