Bus lights for Mercedes, Setra, Neoplan, MAN and universal lights. High quality replacement light, proven functionality and long service life. OEM manufacturer numbers are here for comparison with the original. NEW UPDATED PRICES FIND IN OUR WEB SHOP!!

A0038268690 Mercedes Benz O350 Tourismo 1999. front light lens
45264678 front left lens OEM: A0038268790 – price 49 euro
31646100 front right lens OEM: A0038268690 – price 49 euro
setra front light lense Setra S400front light lens
96636912L front left lens OEM: A0048262390– price 65 euro
96636912D front right lens OEM: A0048262490 – price 65 euro
A3568200161 Mercedes Benz O350 Tourismofront light 1999. R/L
96314133 front right light OEM: A3568200261 – price 320 euro
74168488 front left light OEM: A3568200161 – price 320 euro
A0005400854 Setra S400 HD, HDH front light H1/H7
68742479 front right light OEM: A0005401754 – price 259 euro
42553772 front left light OEM: A0005400854 – price 259 euro
setra S400 front light H1/H7
A6138200161 Mercedes Benz O350 Tourismo front light L/R
77372866 front right light OEM: A6138200061 – price 198 euro
85482442 front left light OEM: A6138200161 – price 198 euro
mercedes O350 front light
A0005400154 Mercedes Benz O350 Tourismo front light new type L/R
22328365 front right light OEM: A0005400254 – 249 euro
42996984 front left light OEM: A0005400154 – 249 euro
O580 Travego RHD, Tourismo RH, RH-M, Tourismo euro6, Integro M, L, euro6
A0018206221 Mercedes Benz O350 Tourismofront indicator L/R
35754978 front left indicator OEM: A0018206221 – 39.50 euro
92848869 front right indicator OEM: A0018206321 – 39.50 euro
Setra S300 front light Setra S300 UL, NF, H front light H1/H1 L/R
22328365 front left light OEM: A6275400054 – 375 euro
Bosch 0301011015
22328536 front right light OEM: A6275400054 – 375 euro
Setra S300 front light
travego front light Mercedes Benz O580 Travego front light L/R
32793775 front left light OEM: A0008201259 – price 245 euro
68685259 front right light OEM: A0008201359 – price 245 euro
A0005401754 Setra S400 NF, UL, LE, GT, GTHD, H front light L/R
22328365 front left light OEM: A0005401654 – price 245 euro
42996984 front right light OEM: A0005401754 – price 245 euro
A1698201556 Setra S400 HD/HDH front fog light L/R
49449456 left fog light OEM: A1698201556 – 67 euro neto
53242788 right fog light OEM: A1698201656 – 67 euro neto
A0005400063 Setra S300 HD/HDH front fog light L/R
74589825 left fog light OEM: A0005400063 – 69 euro neto
52756743 right fog light OEM: A0005400163 – 69 euro neto
A0048262290 Setra S300 HD/HDH front fog light lens
88375235 left fog light lens OEM: A0048262190 -18 euro
28874989 right fog light lensOEM: A0048262290 -18euro
king long xmq6900 King Long XMQ6900, XMQ6800 (8&9 m) front light L/R
236100010 front left light OEM: 236100010-223 euro
236100010 front right light OEM: 236100010-223euro
DJ-WGQ463-L King Long XMQ6127 (12 m)front light L/R
DJ-WGQ463-L front left light OEM: DJ-WGQ463-L-227 euro
DJ-WGQ463-D front right light OEM: DJ-WGQ463-D-227 euro
236400010 King Long XMQ6900 front fog light L/R
236400010 fog light OEM: 236400010 -price 45 euro

tourismo fog light Mercedes Tourismo O350, Conecto O345 front fog light L/R
86398744fog light OEM: A6138200261 -price 26 euro
Man S200 front light MAN Lion’s Coach, MAN Fortuna, S2000 front light L/R
84332564 front left light OEM: xxxxxx -49euro
21681860 front right light OEM: xxxxx -49 euro
neoplan low beam Neoplan Cityliner, Starliner, Transliner front low beam
89513632 front low beam OEM: xxxxxx -45euro
neoplan for light Neoplan Cityliner, Starliner, Transliner front fog light
66212782 fog light OEM: xxxxxx -45euro
neoplan front light Neoplan Cityliner, Starliner, Transliner front high beam
51994463front light high beam OEM: xxxxxx -45euro
setra S400 gthd indicator Setra series 400 GTHD front indicators L/R
25596592 left indicator OEM: A0018209521 – 165 euro
95353672 right indicator OEM: A0018209621 – 165 euro
A0018206921 Setra series 400HD HDH front indicators L/R
49522878 left indicator OEM: A0018206921 – 114 euro
96795564 right indicator OEM: A0018207021 – 114 euro
A0008200520 Mercedes-Setra front side indicators L/R
45984326 left indicator OEM: A0008200520 – 14 euro
52353863 right indicator OEM: A0008200620 – 14 euroMercedes Citaro O530 G
A0018203921 Mercedes side indicators L/R
67475926 left indicator OEM: A0018203921 -9 euro
58556823 right indicator OEM: A0018204021 -9 euro Mercedes Conecto O345 C
setra blinker lens Mercedes – Setra side indicator lens
56283398 side indicator lens OEM: xxxxxx -4,50 euro
36.252256015- Neoplan gauge light with and w/o support screw ring
76355883 gauge light with support OEM: 36.252256015 – 13 euro
86878762 gauge light w/o support OEM: 36.252256015 – 13 euro
A0018208521 Rear passive element Mercedes L/R
92725722 passive element left OEM: A0018208421 -9.2 euro
29677496 passive element right OEM: A0018208521-9.2 euro
A0018208421 Rear passive element Mercedes L/R
83354474 passive element left OEM: A0018208421-8 euro
75924826 passive element right OEM:A0018208521-8 euro
A6295400645 Outline marker for luggage handle Setra/Mercedes

85345537 outline marker light OEM: A6295400645-9 euro

A0038203856 Setra series 500 side marker
822185883 side marker OEM: A0038203856 – price on request
A0008250440 Mercedes Travego, Tourismo luggage space light
58753648 luggage space light OEM: A0008250440 – price 14.05 euro
A0008260443 Setra Mercedes rear upper direction indicator
88533332 rear direction light OEM: A0008260443 – price 9.5 euro
end outline mark travego, tourismo, S500 End outline marker S500, O580 Travego, O350 Tourismo

73516436 end outline marker OEM:A0038205256 – price 11 euro

79628837 End outline marker universal LED

79628837end outline marker OEM:- price 9.5 euro

end outline light End outline marker Mercedes

95727835 end outline markerOEM:A0038201456– price 3.9 euro


A0005446911 Side outline marker Setra/Mercedes LED

A0005446911– 9.20 euro net

dimension: 110 x 40 mm with connector

setra outline marker orange bulb Side outline marker Setra/Mercedes-bulb

54205326 side outline marker with bulb OEM:A0005446911– 10.20 euro

dimension: 110 x 40 mm with bulb holder

bulb clearance light Side outline marker -bulb Setra/Mercedes/MAN
28623656 side outline marker bulb OEM: A0005443711– 9.60 euro

dimension: 120 x 45 mm with bulb holder

clearance light led Side outline marker LED for Setra/Mercedes/MAN
47455987side outline marker LED OEM:xxxx- 9.90 euro
dimensions: 120 x 45 mm with connector
mercedes sprinter side marker Side marker for Mercedes Sprinter
23151450 side marker LED OEM: A9068201456 – 13 euro
A0038203256 Setra/Mercedes front upper outline marker

89958339front gauge light LEDOEM: A0038203256-15.90 euro

Setra S400, Mercedes Citaro O530

A0028200056 Mercedes front upper outline marker
87233959 upper gauge light OEM: A0028200056– 7.90 euro
Mercedes Conecto O345C
mercedes conecto light Mercedesrear upper gauge light
44942872 upper gauge light OEM: – 7.90 euro
Mercedes Conecto O345C
236600070 King Long XMQ6900, XMQ6800 i XMQ6127 front gauge light
236600070 front upper outline marker LED OEM: 236600070 – 10.50Euro
A0038206156 Setra Mercedes licence plate light LED
79275787 licence plate light OEM: A0038206156 – 12.90 Euro
Setra S400, Mercedes Citaro O530, Conecto 2016.
licence plate light Mercedes licence plate light LED
85932345 licence plate light OEM:A0008201860– price 9.90 Euro Mercedes O345C Conecto
licence plate light led Mercedes licence plate light LED
37777865 licence plate light OEM:- price 9.90 Euro Mercedes O345C Conecto
licence plate light Mercedes licence plate light LED
98954572 licence plate lightOEM:- 9.15 Euro Mercedes O345C Conecto
A6138200701 Mercedes interior light
22474744 interior light OEM: A6138200701– price 44,90 Euro
A6138200101 Setra S400 interior light
83779292 interior corridor light OEM: A6138200101– price 4,90Euro
47682363 interior corridor light LED – price 9,30 euro
setra entrance light Setra S400entrance steps light
24688527 interior stairs light OEM: A0018207801– price 4,90Euro
83.25001.6000 MAN Lion’s Coach, Neoplan Cityliner entrance step light
xxxxxxx entrance step light OEM: 83.250016000- price 58 Euro
236500020 King Long XMQ6900, XMQ6800 & XMQ6127 entrance steps light
236500020 interior stairs light OEM: 236500020 – price 12.50Euro
236500010 King Long XMQ6900, XMQ6800 interior light
236500010interior light completeOEM: 236500010 – 42.50Euro
roof-neon-light King Long XMQ6127roof neon light
unutrašnje svjetlo neon lightOEM:- price 31.50Euro
3710120LD King Long XMQ6127 entrance step light
3710120LD step light OEM: 3710120LD – price 13.50Euro
xmq6900-direction-light-mirror King Long XMQ6900 & XMQ6800 outside mirror marker L/R

xxxxxxx side marker left OEM: xxxxxxxxx- price 19.50Euro
xxxxxxx side marker right OEM: xxxxxxxxx- price 19.50Euro

236300070 King Long XMQ6900, XMQ6800 & XMQ6127 side marker
236300070 side marker L/R OEM: 236300070- price 17.50Euro
236600050 King Long XMQ6900,XMQ6800 & XMQ6127 side gauge light
236600050side outline marker OEM: 236600050 – price 9,10Euro
cityliner tail light Neoplan Starliner, Cityliner 2005- tail light L/R
AK0030884 left tail light OEM: 36.252256028- price 495 euro
AK0030885right tail light OEM: 36.252256029 – price 495 euro
setra S500 rear light Setra S500 HD, HD/2, DT, HDH, MD rear tail light L/R
xxxxxxxxxxx left tail light OEM: A0008208864 – price 349 euro
AK0030708right tail light OEM: A0008208964 – price 349 euro
xmq6900 rear light King Long XMQ6900 2010 tail light L/R
236002425 left tail light OEM: 236002425 – price 75 euro
236002424 right tail light OEM: 236002424 – price 75 euro
A0005442407 Mercedes Conecto O345C tail light reverse
93683643 tail light OEM: A0005442407– price 11,10 euro
56294576 tail light lens – price 6 euro
Mercedes Conecto O345 C
A0005441104 Mercedes Conecto O345C rear brake light
99948274 tail light OEM: A0005441104– price 11,10 euro
73996823 tail light lens – price 6 euro Mercedes Conecto O345 C
A0008261344 Mercedes rear tail light upper red
39783965 tail light OEM: A0008261344 – price 14,10 euro
reverse light neoplan Rear reverse light type Neoplan
64568786 rear reverse lightOEM: – price 20,00 euro
MAN NG313 rear position light Rear brake light type Neoplan
89488543rear brake light OEM: 36.25320-6003 – price 20,00euro
A6138200364 Mercedes Benz O350 Tourismotail light L/R
22479666 left tail light OEM: A6138200364 – 117 euro
58462339 right tail light OEM: A6138200464 – 117 euro
A0008204864 Setra series 400 Comfort GTHD tail light L/R
97246338 left tail light OEM: A0008204764 – 250 euro
79894344 right tail lightOEM: A0008204864 – 250 euro
Setra series 400 Comfort GTHD rear reflector L/R
98461665 left reflector OEM: A0018208121 – 24 euro
64165468 right reflectorOEM:A0018208221- 24 euro
A0008207964 Setra series 400 HD i HDH tail light L/R
93699424 left tail lightOEM: A0008207964 -205 euro
24874596 right tail lightOEM: A0008208064 -205 euro
A0008205064 Mercedes Tourismo & Travego tail light L/R
77754246 left tail lightOEM: A0008204964 -111 euro
26559452 right tail lightOEM: A0008205064 -111 euro
A0008208564 Mercedes Tourismo 2017 tail light L/R
62436592 left tail lightOEM: A0008208564- euro
89938447 right tail lightOEM: A0008208664– euro neto
round tail LED Universal LED tail brake light
68131665 LED center red OEM: – 14.70 euro
87338773 LEDring red OEM -15.70 euro
reverse led light Universal LED tail reverse light
694560976 LED white center OEM: -14.70euro
32464848 LEDwhite ring OEM -15.70euro
led direction indicator Universal LED turning light
93648364 LED yellow center OEM: -14.70euro
26474692 LEDyellow ring OEM -15.70euro
A0028208056 Mercedes Travego O580 reverse light L/R
A0028208056 rear reverse light OEM: A0028208056 -32 euro
A0015406970 Mercedes Travegorear brake light L/R
A0015406970 rear brake light OEM: A0015406970 -31 euro
A0028208256 Mercedes Travegorear fog light L/R
A0028208256fog light left OEM: A0028208256 -31euro
A0028208356 fog light right OEM:A0028208356 -31euro
236200210 King Long XMQ6900,XMQ6800 i XMQ6127 rear reverse light
236200210 rear reverse light OEM: 236200210 – price 21.00 Euro
wgh463 King Long XMQ6127 rear middle brake light
WGH463 rear middle break light OEM: WGH463 – price 66.10Euro
236600310 King Long XMQ6127 rear upper position-indicator L/R
236600310 position-indicator R OEM: 236600310 – price 16.10Euro
236600320 position-indicator L OEM: 236600320 – price 16.10Euro
WGH461 King Long XMQ6127 XMQ6800, XMQ6900 rear fog light
WGH461 rear fog light bumper OEM: WGH461 – price 26.10Euro
236600080 King Long XMQ6127 XMQ6800, XMQ6900 tail light bumper
236600080 position light bumper OEM: 236600080 – price 11.10Euro
2367000160 King Long XMQ6127 XMQ6800, XMQ6900 rear reflector
2367000160reflector OEM: 2367000160 – price 6,25Euro
FS646 King Long XMQ6127 rear reflector L/R 3722040LS reflector L OEM: 2367000200,FS646 – price 9.5 Euro
3222040LS reflector R OEM: 2367000201, FS645- price 9.5 Euro

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