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By using the website, customers agree to the general conditions listed below. In case you do not agree with one or more provisions from
of the above rules, please contact us first and explain what the problem is, and if not, use the site for the purpose of ordering or purchasing products.


1.1 Meanings of terms

Seller – Euro Bus d.o.o., veli Kijec 2, 51513 Omisalj.

Webshop – is an online store on the domain owned by the Seller

Customer – is any person, natural or legal, who creates an account, enters his data and places an order.

Products – all advertised products on the Webshop that can be ordered.




1.2 General provisions

These general conditions define the relationship between the Buyer and the Seller in terms of ordering, payment and delivery of products published in the Webshop. Buyers can be natural or legal persons who buy goods for their own needs or for further resale. The seller can change these general conditions without prior notice and the buyer is obliged to read them before each purchase.


1.3 web orders

The webshop produces an order from which our staff makes an offer and sends it to the Customer for payment after checking the stock. If the ordered goods are not ready for delivery, or there are not enough of them in stock, the situation will be communicated to the customer and, according to the agreement, the quantities will be reduced so that they can be delivered immediately, or the said goods will be ordered for the customer. Creating an order on the web is not legally binding for Buyer or Seller. A legally binding document is the Seller’s offer issued to the customer after the order. The offer will indicate the price of individual products, the quantities available for purchase and the delivery price, which we add manually to all orders. Each offer has a validity period and if the Buyer does not make the payment by that period, the seller will consider that he has abandoned the purchase.


1.4 Prices

The prices displayed in the webshop are net, without VAT in euros. The seller has the right to change product prices without prior notice or explanation to customers. It is also possible that if the price of the item ordered by the customer changes even after the order, if such is the case with the delivery. In such rare cases, we try to find a common language with the buyer to continue the purchase, if not, the Seller may cancel the buyer’s order.


1.5 Payments for goods and refunds.

All payments to the Seller must be made exclusively through the Seller’s transaction account opened with Kent banka Zagreb, IBAN: HR3241240031125003728, SWIFT: KENBHR22. The seller does not accept cards, paypal, crypto or cash. All eventual refunds due to undelivered goods or any other case are made exclusively to the account number, IBAN of the Customer from which the goods were previously paid for.


1.6 Warranty

All products on the Webshop have a 12-month warranty, unless otherwise stated in the part description or communicated to the customer when sending the offer. Spare parts are special goods and professional knowledge is often required when installing or commissioning individual parts or components. The seller is not and cannot be responsible for unprofessional installation of parts and does not accept complaints if the goods were not installed in a professional service or if the defect occurred due to unprofessional installation.


1.7 Deliveries and pickup

The seller sends products to the Republic of Croatia, the EU and other countries according to the buyer’s wishes. Before delivery, the Seller will clearly indicate to the buyer the price and type of transport on the offer for the goods. The buyer accepts the offer for delivery by paying the offer. The seller will try to send the goods as soon as possible. If desired, the customer can send a pickup for the ordered goods or deliver them himself at the address of the Euro Bus d.o.o. warehouse, Bilin 6, 51218 Čavle. Google maps link:


2.1 Returns and exchanges

The seller accepts returns of goods in cases where the buyer reports the following situations in time (7 days).

a) If the wrong goods were delivered by the seller contrary to the offer and invoices issued with the goods, the return will be at our expense.

b) If the goods arrived at the customer broken or damaged, they will be replaced at our cost of delivery, of course with photos and other evidence of damage.

c) if there are problems with the spare part during the warranty period, it will be replaced with our shipping cost.

d) The seller will also accept returns of goods that were correctly delivered according to the buyer’s order, but the buyer is not satisfied with the goods. If the Buyer expresses dissatisfaction within 7 days of receiving the goods

with goods that were delivered from our warehouse, impossibility of installation or the like, the Seller will accept the complaint and after returning the goods will return the paid funds to the customer’s account.

This does not apply to goods specifically ordered for the customer and delivered as agreed, but to goods already in the seller’s inventory. In this case, the Buyer bears the costs of returning the goods.

The customer is obliged to return the product in its original packaging, complete with all parts and any documentation. If goods with a mark are returned due to assembly, disassembly or scratches and damages

the complaint does not have to be accepted.


2.2 Other provisions

By using this page, the Customer accepts the General Terms and agrees with them. In the event of a dispute of any nature that is not covered by these conditions, the Buyer and the Seller will try to resolve the dispute by agreement,

if this is impossible, the commercial court in Rijeka, Republic of Croatia is competent for all disputes.

2.3 Contacts for complaints

The Buyer should resolve all complaints or disagreements with the person at the Seller with whom he closed the sale, or he can contact this email address.

You can also send complaints in writing to the address of Euro Bus d.o.o., Veli Kijec 2, 51513 Omišalj, Republic of Croatia.