Seat and interior parts for Mercedes, Setra, Neoplan, MAN buses and universal spare parts. The parts are original or aftermarket of high quality, proven functionality and quality. OEM numbers are here to compare with the original. NEW UPDATED PRICES FIND IN OUR WEB SHOP!!

usb phone plug 5V USB smartphone plug 5V 2 x 2.1 A
USB0001 USB plug wall mount – price: 12 euro net
usb smartphone conector for seat mount USB smartphone plug 5V 2 x 2.1 A
USB0002 USB plug seat mount – price: 12 euro net
usb smatphone charger for dashboard USB smartphone plug 5V 4.1 A
USB0003 USB plug dashboard mount – price: 12 euro
Neon light ballast Neon light ballast universal 24 V , 6 – 36W
BY-A-002 ballast for neonBY2007B – price: 25 euro
ballast for neon light Neon light ballast Setra Mercdes 24 V
4421UNI-Z ballast for neon A0008250690– price: 48 euro
navigation switch Navigation switch

AK0484888 – navigation switch – A0085459607 – price 38 euro

glass support Drivers glass support Setra Mercedes

AK0374007 – glass support – A6328430014 – price 4 euro

A6329500054 Seat lever Mercedes Setra L/R
10000054 – left OEM:A6329500054 – price: 19.50 euro
10000154 – right OEM: A6329500154 – price: 19.50 eurooriginal
A6329500354 Passenger seat joint Mercedes Setra L/R
10000354 – left OEM:A6329500354 – price: 14.90 euro
10000254 – right OEM: A6329500254 – price: 14.90 eurooriginal
bosch microphone cable Blaupunkt/Bosch microphone cable 4 pins

028004358 – microphone cable– OEM:7620230113price 42 euro

microphone Bosch Bosch guide microphone 4 pin

AK0023975 – Bosch guide microphone – OEM: price 92 euro

travego frigo hinge Plastic hinge for fridge/dashboard Travego, Setra S400

12564698- plastic hinge – OEM: A6296800251price 5 euro

guide seat cover Guide seat under-cover Setra Mercedes
41354313 –guide seat cover OEM: A0009115530 – price: 42 euro
door plastic Door mechanism cover Mercerdes O350
93613213 –mechanism cover OEM: A6137270188 – price: 65 euro
abdeckung Kitchen cover rear entrance Setra Mercedes
71646351 –kitchen cover OEM: A0008310241 – price: 59 euro
abdeckung setra Bus cover Setra S400
91351336 –bus interior OEM: A0338310241 – price: 45 euro
door cylinder cover mercedes setra Door cylinder cover Tourismo, Travego, Intouro, Setra
85610032 –door cylinder cover OEM: A0007661535 – price: 24 euro
Passenger door rod joint end Passenger door rod joint end Mercedes, Setra

AK1349846 – passenger door rod joint –A0007601814 – price 25 euro

seat plastic neoplan Seat back handle type Neoplan
72613133 –seat back handle OEM: xxxxxx – price: 19.50 euro
A0009706601 Gramer armrest drivers seat L/R
A0009706401armrest left OEM: A0009706401 – price: 122 euro
A0009706601 armrest right OEM: A0009706601 – price: 122 euro
A6299700402 Fixed armrest last passenger seat row L/R
A6299700502 armrest right OEM: A6299700502 – price: 52 euro
A6299700402 armrest left OEM: A6299700402 – price: 52 euro
handrest cover Armrest side cover

A6299730228 armrest side cover OEM: A6299730228 – price: 2,5 euro

handrail cover Handrail cover Setra Mercedes
89248922 –handrail cover OEM: A6329190120 – price: 1,3 euro
64248533 Curtain holder Setra Mercedes
64248533 –curtain holder OEM: xxxx – price: 2,90 euro
curtain holder Curtain holder cover Setra Mercedes
89986472 –curtain cover OEM:A6298908150 – price:1.1 euro
A6299515721 Seat side cover Setra e Mercedes Tourismo L/R
42676869 – left OEM:A6299515721 – price: 8.3 euro
46678959 – right OEM:A6299515821 – price: 8.3 euroA6139500439,A6139500539,A6139500639,A6139500739
A6299590160 Regulation button Setra Mercedes Tourismo L/R
25558659– left OEM: A6299590060 – price: 5.5 euro
73964526– right OEM: A6299590160 – price: 5.5 euro
A6069590061 Seat regulation lever Setra Mercedes
85230862– right OEM: A6069590061– price: 3.5 euro
A6069911301 Index screw for seat Setra Mercedes
62646732– right OEM: A6069911301 – price: 5.5 euro
A6069911401 Index screw for seat Setra Mercedes
89449654–left OEM: A6069911401 – price:5.5
A6299513321 Seat side cover wood pattern Mercedes Setra L/R
55335877– left OEM:A6299513221 – price:9.5 euro
73758537– right OEM: A6299513321 – price:9.5 euro
 A6329501439 Seat side cover – MercedesTravego L/R
72588316 – left OEM:A6329501439 – price:10.90 euro
82443399– right OEM: A6329501539 – price:10.90 euro
A6069750327 Seat back handle cover Mercedes Setra L/R
56596985– left OEM:A6069750427 – price: 6.2 euro
27545625– right OEM: A6069750327 – price: 6.2 euro
A6069750056 Seat back handle body Mercedes Setra L/R
45271922–right OEM:A6069750156– price: 6.9euro
75118787–left OEM: A6069750056 – price: 6.9euro
A6069750356 Seat back handle shell Mercedes Setra L/R
21693761–right OEM:A6069750356– price: 7.9euro
60943311– left OEM: A6069750256 – price: 7.9euro
A6299750156 Seat back handle body Mercedes Setra L/R
92962469– left OEM:A6299750056 – price: 4.8 euro
99838296– right OEM: A6299750156 – price: 4.8 euro
A6299750199 Seat back handle shell Mercedes Setra L/R
23544309–right OEM:A6069750199 – price: 7.9euro
52268553–left OEM: A6069750099– price: 7.9euro
A6299750155 Seat back handle cover Mercedes Setra grey L/R
72434927– left OEM:A6299750055– price:3.5 euro
88749865– right OEM: A6299750155 – price:3.5 euro
A6299751555 Seat back handle cover Mercedes Setra wood L/R
23436584 – c OEM: A6299751555– price:4 euro
37869899 – right OEM: A6299751455 – price:4 euro
A6299750155 Seat back handle cover Mercedes Setra carbon L/R
43667652 –leftOEM:A6299750055– price:3.5 euro
43082456 – right OEM: A6299750155 – price:3.5 euro
A6299701701 Seat handle movable Mercedes w/o mechanism
A6299701701 – movable handrest L/R OEM: A6299701701 – price:38 euro
A6298161631 Counter top bracket Mercedes Setra L/R
57636784– left OEM:A6298161531 – price: 4.9 euro
67283992– right OEM: A6298161631 – price: 4.9 euro
A6298104066 Seat table Mercedes Setra
36379456 – counter top OEM:A6298104066 – price:15.46 euro
A6298100863 Counter top bracket Mercedes Setra 1 e 2
22759259–bracket 1 OEM:A6298100463 – price:2.3 euro
57792588–bracket 2 OEM: A6298100863 – price:1.3 euro
A6068100065 Seat table Mercedes Setra
68286443– counter top OEM:A6068100065– price:16.53 euro
setra seat table hinge Seat table support Mercedes – Setra
98283975 – counter top support OEM: A6068160376– price:
setra table hinge cover Table support cover Mercedes – Setra
84273676 – cover OEM: A6068160208 – price:5 euro
A6277100031 Passenger screen table Mercedes – Setra
21571951– screen table OEM:A6277100031– price: 67.50 euro
stolić man Passenger seat table MAN – Neoplan

– seat table OEM: xxxxxxx– price:13.53 euro
seat table neoplan Passenger seat table Neoplan – universal
31316816– seat table OEM:– price:17.99 euro
dimensions 33 x 18 cm
seat table Passenger seat table Neoplan – universal
93446998 – seat table OEM:– price:16.98 euro
dimensions 36 x 20 cm
A6298100149 Magazine net – Setra Mercedes
71830554–newspaper net 34×20 OEM:A6298100149 – price:3.53 euro
A6068100649 Magazine net new type Mercedes – Setra
58533679–newspaper net OEM:A6068100649 – price: 17.53euro
A6328100149 Passenger screen magazine net – Mercedes Setra
31354614 –newspaper net OEM:A6328100149 – price:24.90 euro
seat net Magazine net -universal
0000001 –newspaper net 310×210 , 5 holes – price:2.5 euro
mrežica neoplan Magazine net type Neoplan 49846331 –newspaper net 360×185, 5 holes – price:4,50 euro
gradski autobus Hanging handle for city bus No1
96389335 – Hanging handle – price:9,00 euro
sigurnosni pojas- fiksni Seat safety belt buckle fixed universal
68146711–seat belt buckle – price 6 euro
sigurnosni pojas- fleksi Seat safety belt buckle fixed universal
7705 –cintura di sicurezza – prezzo 6 euro
sigurnosni pojas automatski Automatic seat belt in 2 points – approved universal
77031 – retractable seat belt – price 26 euro
avio tip auto pojas Seat belt in 2 points – airplane type approved
7700 – seat belt – price 11.3 eurolunght 87 cm – 127 cm
safety-belt-7708 Automatic seat belt in 3 points – approved universal
7708 – retractable seat belt for driver – price 44 euro
vogel gas spring Passenger seat gas spring like Vogel 01.5.0056
76169493 – seat gas spring OEM: price 16.00 euro
700 N Lenght 155-175 mm
gas spring
setra gas spring Passenger seat gas spring Setra S415 HDH
43431396 – seat gas spring OEM: A6299700064 .-price 17.99 euroOEM:A6299590085
500 N lenght 225 mm
mercedes seat gas spring Passenger seat gas spring Mercedes Travego
74135431 – seat gas spring OEM: A6069800264– Price 17.99 euro 450 N lenght 285 mm
eurobus-parts-27 Aluminum angle for corridor – universal 7720 – aluminum angle – price 3.00euro
safety hammer Safety hammer 7706 – safety hammer – price 5.00 euro
From China
safety hammer Safety hammer 39733497– Safety hammer – price 11.00 euro
From Turkey
safety hammer Safety hammer 47594772– Safety hammer- price 9.00 euro
From Turkey
armrest Folding armrest S315 HD, HDH L/D
KG2001–folding armrest – price 52.20 euro
stairs air outlet Air outlet stairs Travego, Tourismo, Intouro, Setra S400
96431346 –air outlet stairs OEM: A0006820316 – price 5 euro
stairs air outlet grille Air outlet stairs Travego, Tourismo, Intouro, Setra S400
29754486– air outlet stairs OEM: A0006820416 – price 4.2 euro
aisle lightning grille Aisle lightning grille Mercedes O350 Tourismo
38636778 –aisle lightning grille OEM: A6138350018 – price 3 euro
dashboard button frame Dashboard button frame Mercedes bus
83845259 – dashboard button frame OEM: A3816891608 – price 5 euro
air outlet setra Air outlet aisle Travego, Setra S400
68628586 –air outlet corridor OEM: – price 4.2 euro
Ac outlet king long AC outlet King Long XMQ6900, XMQ6127 dashboard
236300299 – AC outlet King Long OEM: 236300299 – price 5 euro

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